Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As some you may know I am in love with smoothies! Juicing However (specially greens) is something definitely new to me. So about a month ago we got The Breville Juicer and have made a couple of juices here and there. Thru Raw Food Rehab I learned a little about Juice Feasting and I wanted to give it a try for at least 14 days but I have not had the "BERRAQUERA"(Spanish word that means Guts, Courage,etc) to do it. This morning However I thought to myself: Enough is Enough...You can do this! What are you so afraid of?

Episode 1 of Confession of a Newby Juice Maker

So this morning with almost 5cm of snow in the ground and weather of -9 that felt like -16 instead of grabbing for a JAVA..I put the vegetables out and started Juicing...I was supposed to complete 4 Litres to get me thru the day but as I was almost finishing my second quart. My fountain of goodness making stopped. I was like Uh,Uh...It does smell like something has just burned! OMG...What am I going to do? The irony of it! I was definitely devastated that my juicer was possibly death...Felt like Crying but I was even more devastated I had just made up my mind to do this juicing thing! :) And I had two more quarts to go.

As I kissed my Juicer better and gave her a well deserved rest, I pull out my next baby! My VITAMIX! I loaded it with goodness and started pushing down so that even more goodness will come out of all those veggies in form of Juice! So It did! :) I then proceeded to pour the green smoothie (Because still has all the fiber) into a nut milk bag so that I could strain it and have the final master piece of Juice Making. To be continued...

2nd Episode of Confessions of a Newby Juice Maker

I was so over the moon of excitement that I had been able to juice successfully and without much struggle on the VITAMIX. (I roughly spent 20 Minutes tops from Blending to straining and it yield almost two quarts) I thought to myself once again! "So, That pulp on the juicer seems a little wetter than the one on the nut milk bag from the Vitamix, What would happen if I Blend the pulp? Could I get more Juice out of it? Watch below Episode 3

3rd Episode of Confessions of a Newby Juice Maker

Indeed I was getting beautiful juices out of the pulp until my tired Vitamix said "I am out of shape, I can’t take it anymore (That is what I could made of "blendernish" language which I am starting to pick up on besides English and Spanish. So She quit too! I was devastated what kind of Juice Maker was I? I had manage to make my two precious babies sick and possibly one of them would have to go into intensive care...I burst into tears until I realized it was all going to be alright because THERE WAS NOTHING that Juice Feasting, Raw Foods and LOVE could not HEAL...

Besides I had 3 1/3 quarts of Amazing, Powerful Tasting Juice and the hope that this was just the beginning of a long relationship between Breville, Vitamix and I. Now I am taking another sip... SALUD!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Breast Cancer and Thermography

This weekend we adventure to Saskatchewan to get a Thermography and I decided to Blog about this experience because I feel more women should know about this alternative of breast cancer screening.

THERMOGRAPHY is a form of thermal (infrared) imaging. It is based on the principle that chemical and blood vessel activity in both pre-cancerous tissue and the area surrounding developing breast cancer is typically always higher than in normal breast tissue. Since pre-cancerous and cancerous masses are highly metabolic tissues, they need an abundant supply of nutrients to maintain their growth and this can increase the surface temperature of the breast. Heat is an indication that inflammation exists, and typically inflammation is present not only in cancerous cells but is also present in torn muscles and ligaments as well as arthritic joints, which Thermography can also detect.

The most promising aspect of Thermography is its ability to spot anomalies years before mammography. Nowadays, women are encouraged to get a mammogram, so they can find their breast cancer as early as possible, but mammograms are not only painful, they lead to a high percentage of invasive treatment due to wrong diagnosis . It's well known that excessive doses of radiation can increase your risk of cancer. And this doesn't even include the harm done to the body from unnecessary biopsies, mastectomies, chemotherapy,etc.

Thermography is very safe- it's even safe for pregnant and nursing women. It's really just an image of the heat in your body...and it does not hurt!!!

The kind of procedure I did is called CRT 2000 Thermogram that is a little different but follows the same principles as the imaging Thermography. I just had to follow a couple of easy directions: not taking a shower, not wearing a bra, not drinking or eat anything hot or cold at least 4 hours before the thermo-gram, not exercise; massage or any kind of body therapy 48 hours prior and that is it! for the Test they measured 119 points within my body initially with my clothes on, then you have to undressed and wait for 10 minutes in a room that has a lower temperature (Brrr, Brrr); they then proceeded to repeat the measurement of the temperature points within my body...and I was done!

Dr. Brian from Life Health Services always leaves me amazed by the amount of knowledge he has and how accurate He is at reading this scan...Which also reminds me to tell you that like any other procedures; who reads it is as important as the test it self; so if you are considering to have a thermography you should know the credentials of the interpreting physician.

So this month I encourage you to do something for your beautiful self...besides checking out Thermography, why not implement lifestyle changes that can improve the health of your breasts proactively (Pass me the green juice! :))
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