Friday, December 31, 2010

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Glückliches Neues Jahr - A Guads Neichs Johr Olle Mitanand - Godt Nytår - Bonne Année - Bliadhna Mhath Ur - Happy New Year - Felice Anno Nuovo - S Novim Godom - Xin Nièn Kuai Le - Seh Heh Bok Mani Bat Uh Seyo - Nav Varsh Ki Subhkamna - Shannah Tovah - Akemashite Omedetô - Sawatdii Pimaï - Tashi Délek - Chuc Mung Nam Moi - Colo Sana Wintom Tiebeen - Gelukkige Nuwe Jaar - Feliz Ano Novo

The Truth is that it Does not matter what part of the world you are at or what language we speak, at this time of the year we are all eager to set goals and decide on what path are we going to use to get there, we are all hopeful that the upcoming year will bring us lots of happiness and fulfillment.

So as I am getting nostalgic about all my Colombian Traditions: like when I was a kid and made a human size rag doll stuffed with fireworks, we would have in our neighbourhood our creation "The Doll" sitting on the side of the road and two of us will stand on opposite sides of the road with a rope and stop cars as they were pasing by to collect money to cover the cost of the fireworks. We call this doll “El Año Viejo,” (the old year) and at midnight we burn it after we walk around with it crying because it is going away forever. We toast with champagne and wish everybody a “feliz año nuevo.” Christmas in Colombia follows many traditions or “agüeros” to bring on good fortune in the new year, for example, we wear new clothes, we eat 12 grapes during the final 12 seconds of the old year, we wear yellow underwear, we broom our homes and clean them very well to take out all the bad energies, we do “saumerios” or cleansings of the homes with eucalyptus leaves, we run around the block with empty suitcases if you want to travel in the new year...and the list goes on and on.

So as I was basking myself with Childhood memories, It made me realized that while it is important to let the past go, it is just as important to learn from it. It is, after all, what makes us who we are today. Knowing more about who we are, gives us the power to make the changes we need to make for the future.

So What is my biggest resolution this year? NOT TO BE AN STATISTIC (By not being one of the four people that by February have dropped their goal achieving pattern and gone back to their usual routines)

Secondly I AM RESOLVING TO EVOLVE : What a genius name, dont you think? thank to Penni Shelton and Raw Food Rehab and thei amazing 11th week High Raw Challenge I am going to change! to develop to be a better person because I will be in better health...Fortunately Evolution does not run in reverse! so once you Resolve (Make up your mind) you are ahead! or Have you ever seen a human being become a chimpanzee?

My Third resolution came out of the blue, almost like a sign God had given me...I was watching Shakiras video and I happen to click on one of the documentaries instead of the concert and I realized it was time to go BAREFOOT, to give back to the children that dream of a better tomorrow I cant wait until I learned more about our adopted child :)


Last but not least: I AM RUNNING MY FIRST MARATHON...Why? Because I can! and Because I want to raise some fund to create awareness on how to prevent Diabetes a disease that not only my dad is living with but that will be diagnosed to 20+ people every hour of everyday. What we put into our bodies will change the future of our health and the health our our children we got to start acting now!

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