Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As some you may know I am in love with smoothies! Juicing However (specially greens) is something definitely new to me. So about a month ago we got The Breville Juicer and have made a couple of juices here and there. Thru Raw Food Rehab I learned a little about Juice Feasting and I wanted to give it a try for at least 14 days but I have not had the "BERRAQUERA"(Spanish word that means Guts, Courage,etc) to do it. This morning However I thought to myself: Enough is Enough...You can do this! What are you so afraid of?

Episode 1 of Confession of a Newby Juice Maker

So this morning with almost 5cm of snow in the ground and weather of -9 that felt like -16 instead of grabbing for a JAVA..I put the vegetables out and started Juicing...I was supposed to complete 4 Litres to get me thru the day but as I was almost finishing my second quart. My fountain of goodness making stopped. I was like Uh,Uh...It does smell like something has just burned! OMG...What am I going to do? The irony of it! I was definitely devastated that my juicer was possibly death...Felt like Crying but I was even more devastated I had just made up my mind to do this juicing thing! :) And I had two more quarts to go.

As I kissed my Juicer better and gave her a well deserved rest, I pull out my next baby! My VITAMIX! I loaded it with goodness and started pushing down so that even more goodness will come out of all those veggies in form of Juice! So It did! :) I then proceeded to pour the green smoothie (Because still has all the fiber) into a nut milk bag so that I could strain it and have the final master piece of Juice Making. To be continued...

2nd Episode of Confessions of a Newby Juice Maker

I was so over the moon of excitement that I had been able to juice successfully and without much struggle on the VITAMIX. (I roughly spent 20 Minutes tops from Blending to straining and it yield almost two quarts) I thought to myself once again! "So, That pulp on the juicer seems a little wetter than the one on the nut milk bag from the Vitamix, What would happen if I Blend the pulp? Could I get more Juice out of it? Watch below Episode 3

3rd Episode of Confessions of a Newby Juice Maker

Indeed I was getting beautiful juices out of the pulp until my tired Vitamix said "I am out of shape, I can’t take it anymore (That is what I could made of "blendernish" language which I am starting to pick up on besides English and Spanish. So She quit too! I was devastated what kind of Juice Maker was I? I had manage to make my two precious babies sick and possibly one of them would have to go into intensive care...I burst into tears until I realized it was all going to be alright because THERE WAS NOTHING that Juice Feasting, Raw Foods and LOVE could not HEAL...

Besides I had 3 1/3 quarts of Amazing, Powerful Tasting Juice and the hope that this was just the beginning of a long relationship between Breville, Vitamix and I. Now I am taking another sip... SALUD!

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