Saturday, December 12, 2009

Achieving a Balance

I have come to the conclusion that in order to be at our best we must achieve balance within ourselves and all the areas of our life.

What we eat definitely affects that balance! last week I was busy with work and Christmas planning... and stop paying attention to what I was eating. I immediately became sluggish, anxious, cranky, did not feel like working out, something was not right overall. My BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT were not intertwined

Bringing balance to a relationship between body, mind and spirit and ensuring they worked together will help us take a leap forward on our journey and help us achieve optimum health and happiness.

whether we are looking at changing our career paths; physical, emotional or spiritual healing; exploring our life purpose; preparing for conception, birth or parenthood; making major life decision; or anything else we are striving for.

I am very convinced that we are what we eat! (Cliché but true) and what we eat will affect that beautiful balance between

Lets enjoy Christmas but lets not allow for over indulgences to drain and exhaust us and rob us from the true spirit of the season!

PD: I am grateful for the warmth of my home!

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