Thursday, January 7, 2010

Juicing it Up!

This first week of work had been busy but as I promise I am going to start sharing my food intake.

This week I decided to do a lot more juices and salads...and next week I will incorporate more "gourmet" raw foods, and make some crackers,etc. Besides although my honey is not jumping into Raw with me, he still enjoy the smoothies and healthy snacks! So there, even if your family is not fully into it, they will still enjoy what you eat here and there and increase they raw food intake more and more.

I am also excited to have found out about the meet up group for Raw Foods in Calgary, I think is going to be great! I can really use some support, We are attending a free course with my two girlfriends this Sunday and thrill to know more people that are in this journey.

So besides doing a Heavy Metal Detox that my Katherine (My Colonic Therapist) recommended and a liver cleanse here is what I had today:


Green Juice (1 cup of spinach, 1 cucumber and two celery stalks) ..Do you believe I took this pic at 6:00 am

Snack: Green Apple, Ginger Lemon Tea

Lunch: Big Salad with Avocados, Alfafa sprouts, romaine, cucumber, Red Bell Pepper, Radishes and celery

Snack: Some more tea...although is warming up in Calgary still -18 brrrr, A gala apple and some pomegranate

Dinner: Some more Juice...made out of 1 Cup of Kale, Cucumber and 2 cabbage leaves

Snack: 5 Raw Macademia nuts.

I am going to keep it really light like today and for a couple of days; then start incorporating meals like raw zuchinni pasta and some crackers. for now I am just Juicing it up! Basicly I decided to follow Paul Nisons 7 day Raw challenge as a guideline (kind of Like a New year star up ;) )

PD: I am grateful for Meet up website that allowed me to find Tonya and the Calgary Raw foodist group!

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