Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Happy Working Bee!

10 Days ago I started the 7 Day Detox with the RAW DIVAS and the outcome was amazing! My detox Celebration ended up On Sunday with Zuchinni Pasta and succulent red organic tomatoes with an aroma that took me back to my childhood and the times spent in CEPITA – a little town at the bottom of the MAJESTIC CHICAMOCHA CANYON in Colombia, where my mom was borne - You see we did not have transportation, so my mom used to called some of the small truck owners that brought produce from CEPITA and asked if we could get a ride from Bucaramanga to Cepita. It was an adventure you never knew if you were going to hop in the back of a truck full of chickens, tomatoes, zapotes, goats.. or a mixture of it all; We used to loved it!

On Monday the 25th I stepped on the scale to find out I was 10 LBS lighter! Although I was happy about the result… for the first time ever! I was astonishing happier because of my new found energy! Now, I wake up in the mornings with a big smile and jump right out of bed, This week I have not found myself falling asleep in front of my computer at work, falling asleep driving my car or what is even better I have not been feeling guilty for anything I eat (sometimes I could not handle the guilt, and it made me so nauseated I ended up throwing up)

So this week I have been sticking to Raw 99%, and I have been learning sooo much is so exciting but at the same time overwhelming! I took a class on ferments and I went to an information session on Green Juice Feasting (which some day will be my next goal) I can’t wait to share some of my experiences in the kitchen with you.

So I am not Tera Warner, Penni Shelton, Kristen Suzanne, Raw Rose, Angela Stokes or even Mimi Kirk

(They are all Wonderful Women that have inspired me)…I am a humble bee making her RAW HONEYliscious life and feeling DIVINE while at it!

Have a lovely day in this earthy paradise!


  1. Hello Ms. Working Bee,

    I watched the above video, she must be really happy looking and feeling so good at 71. The more I hear about raw food and its results the more interested I am getting :)


  2. Cinnamon Girl that's AWESOME!! I'm interested to know what all you ate.


  3. Hi Lori,

    Thanks! Hey If you guys check out the post The Beauty and the Beast...Green Smoothies! there is a link there to the Raw Divas detox. Is really easy, I never felt hungry :) and you can add extra protein in your smoothies whatever powder you are using. I was throwing in one scoop of Hemp Protein. Cinnamon Girl


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