Monday, November 23, 2009

The Dirty Dozen

This weekend was so great! I went with the girls to this awesome aerobic/dance class where Maya (The teacher) just had as moving our booties, sweating like crazy and having tons of fun! Salsa, Latin, Hip-Hop you name it! So good for the body and the soul!

After we went for a little bit of shopping and we had lunch at Viola’s where we had a real good salad with lots of yummy sprouts (They are so Good for you too!), I also enjoyed a little bit of cheese and a glass of wine…for a minute I was going to use the word “cheat” but I chose not to, because I am NOT ON A DIET! I am on an everlasting lifestyle change and you know some people that are 100% Raw, vegan, etc would not approve and understand and respect it, for me; that little bit of cheese although I know is not the best option I could off made it, was nourishing to my body because I was loving the moment and my girlfriends excitement about Raw Foods! We even talk about going on a 10 to 15 day challenge of 100% Raw. Isn’t that Exciting???

If you are currently not considering a RAW lifestyle at all but even want to increase the amount of vegetable and fruits you consume, I encourage you to really think about switching to Organic, especially for some of the vegetables that have lots of pesticide residue on them. Belo the DIRTY DOZEN list to ease your “organic” shopping experience and your budget!

So are you starting to think about your New Year's resolution? Perhaps you would like to Join Nancy, Viola and I on 10 wonderful days into Raw?

Cinnamon Girl!

PD, I am grateful for the power of friendship!

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