Friday, November 20, 2009

How Everything Started for Me?

I used to be skinny, model and be very active when I was a teenager and then....HORMONES ruined my life L ; I had been yo-yo dieting and having chronic constipation problems ever since I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a comlex hormone disorder that causes such symptoms as irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, excessive body hair, acne, and obesity) .

So about a year ago I was looking for a Colonic Therapist and one day reading the Cochrane Times news paper, there it was Katherine was a blessing she got me into a Cleansing program and on some of the sessions she would share with me some of her “raw treats” since I was such a sweet tooth I starting loving them more and more. One day I decided to make a cheese cake and I have to say although it was good was my first time, and some how I manage not to use the right blade on the food processor…so after that one treat I kind of went back to my comfort zone of “cooked foods”. Although I have to say we really did a lot of healthy eating (Whole Grains, vegetables) but with that a lot of cheating (Tim Horton cookies, Lattes, pizzas, chicken wings!).

So I thought we were “cleaning up” pretty well! And making lots of healthy changes until me and My FiancĂ© went to Europe for an adventure trip...I made about 3 pounds of home made granola which we carry in our backpacks and that help a lot! But despite our efforts we succumbed to the temptation of Italy and its wonderful pastas and cheeses! We gain an average of 6 pounds each and when we came back middle of June in plain BBQ season our habits did not got any better a beer here, a wine there, melting ribs, steaks you name it! By the beginning of September I had not only been not able to get rid of my extra six pounds but I had doubled the gain! I was at 150 lbs, and feeling tired, cranky and blue! I knew I had to do something before things got to out of hand!

Our yearly girls trip planning was approaching and I did not want us to go somewhere to “stuff” our faces with food once again! I proposed to the girls to go more for a retreat of some sort J is that how I came across Rose’s Raw Chef course which I am still so thankful about!.

Well, I will tell you more about my Raw Chef adventure later now I got to work! J

And What is your Story?

Cinnamon Girl!

Pd: I am thankful for all the women that have touch my life in one way or another

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