Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Raw

My good friend Sofia from Ecuador was wondering what Raw was all about?

Raw is all about feeding our bodies the highest quality food possible. Eating raw is exactly that: QUALITY! What could be better than fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts and vegetables? There is so much you can do with vegetables, I never thought salads could be so good! There is a big variety of salsas and “gourmet “ recipes you can make with seeds, not to mention desserts…And the best part you don’t feel guilty or bloated! You are nourishing your body with enzymes, oxygen, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

As your consumption of raw foods increases you feel satisfied and have more energy on smaller meals because raw food has more water, nutrients, and fiber which are what your body needs!

Eating a diet of raw foods can reverse or stop the advance of many chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Eating cooked foods like meats, fats, starches and sugars it robs our bodies from vital nutrients, slows down digestion and causes fermentation and all kind of degenerative disease.

Raw foods are not only good for us but good for our planet and a better tomorrow for our children! If we are not consuming processed meals we are not contributing to the accumulation of garbage and unnecessary packaging.

Besides, we will save tons of money on drugs. .."Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Hippocrates.

So, no more excuses to be healthy…I don’t claim to be 100% raw foodist, vegan or an expert on anything. I am just convince the answer to feeling great is not in a “magic pill”, a “program” or a “complex diet” is actually quiet simple the answer is in nature! I am just an average girl (with a little bit of spice J) wanting to be as healthy as I can possibly be!

I challenge you, as I am challenging myself to slowly try to incorporate more raw foods into your diet. You will be healthier and start a beautiful transformation!

Before I leave a “cute story”….I was running really late for work this morning and my Fiance had the day off, so He asked me what he could get ready for my smoothie….I say great honey can you peeled and chopped a mango, add ½ cup a pineapple, 1 cup of water, 1 celery stalk and let's finished up the dandelion leaves (about 1 cup), 1 scoop of hemp protein powder and that is it! J …He was like wow not apples (as I usually put apples in my smoothie) we should call this a “The Garden of Eden” J

Have a great day everyone,

Cinnamon Girl!

PD: I am grateful for WJ ( My Fiance) and his love and support!

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