Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Everybody Ought to Know About - Raw Foods!

Hi There,

I am definitely the new spice on the "blogging rack" and I am very excited about it! Many things have motivated me to start this Blog, but primarily the fact that someone out there may just be at the same place I was before: looking for a true answer for Healthy Eating and not only "another fad diet". I am convinced RAW FOODS is the answer to long lasting happy life!

Friday I sent a video to my friends and family about Dr. Oz show with Rocco - The Cowboy that went vegan for 28 days. After, Gerry- A good friend of mine- made my weekend when He called me to thank me for the information I had given him on not only this video but my personal experience so far with Raw Foods...He referred to me as a "life changer" I wanted to cry! When you believe in something so strongly, there is no need to convince the proof is on who you are!

Today has been exactly one month from the time I decided to go Raw! Right Now I am high raw 85/15 and ZERO flour and I will continue this path, it can only get better. It is my desire to share my journey with you, to help and be helped, to teach and to learn.

Raw may sound extreme to some, but after all only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go!

Cinnamon Girl

Pd: I am so grateful for one of my best friends Viola Olah who motivated me to start this blog!


  1. Way to go,Silvia! I'm feeling really good myself, good enough that I'm not interested in reverting back to the old ways. Radical? Well when I look at what most people are eating you have to wonder, who's the radiacal one.
    Good luck with the blog. Carol

  2. Hi There Carol,
    Thanks I received a lot of emails from family and friends that are happy for me and are also curious about what Raw Foods is all about! Even a second cousin from Colombia -Sonia- said she started into Raw Foods about a year ago! I had no idea! Betty from my office was thankful for all the healthy yummy treats and Gerry and Linda are doing their fair share of smoothies, Linda already lost 6 pounds and she said she is not feeling starving as people usually do when they diet! Even more reasons to keep sharing!


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